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The advantages of improved extraction equipment

Improved extraction device also has the following advantages:

1, greatly shorten the extraction time, extraction rate faster, more effective ingredients extraction yield, more efficient;

2, short extraction time, reduce ineffective ingredients dissolution;

Extract less impurity, high quality;

Easy to separation and purification;


3, low extraction temperature (and sometimes don't need to be heated), greatly saving energy, protect the heat-sensitive substances active ingredients;

4, without being limited by the effective ingredients of polarity, the size of molecular weight, suitable for the vast majority of Chinese herbal medicine, natural plant extract.

This equipment is designed based on efficient continuous counter-current principle of leaching and superposition of ultrasonic extraction principle, main equipment on the basis of continuous countercurrent extraction equipment increases the unique design of the ultrasonic strengthening extraction device.


With continuous countercurrent extraction equipment technical characteristics, at the same time, the ultrasonic transducer and the generator is divided into multiple independent parts, realize the single frequency and frequency ultrasonic strengthening extraction.

According to different structure is divided into single spiral structure CSTQ - X (small capacity: capacity of extractor l, 75-720), the double helix CSTQ - X - type D (large capacity: the capacity of extractor l, 1200-6000), where X represent M manual control, A automatic control.

Ultrasonic enhanced extraction principle

Ultrasonic strengthening extraction technology used in Chinese medicine, effective component from natural plant, mainly using ultrasound to the unique physical properties.

When ultrasonic wave ACTS on the extraction medium, to produce strong cavitation effect, many small holes formed in the medium, the small hole close thousands of atmosphere pressure, instant help plants to tissue broken walls, and accelerates the dissolution of active ingredients, to spread.

Combined with ultrasonic multistage effect (such as mechanical wave or vibration, acceleration, thermal effect, emulsification, diffusion, stirring, smash, chemistry, etc.), and further accelerate to extract diffusion, so ultrasonic wave can speed up the capacity of material ingredient efficient fully dissolution and diffusion.

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